“You will lead me in the path of life…”

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False Facades: a beautiful manger…with no baby Jesus

“…if there is any reoccurring phrase I’ve heard this past year from friends who do not count themselves currently (or ever) among the Church is “Why are Christians not speaking out about this (or that) moral inconsistency by those calling themselves Christians?” In many cases Christians are. But when we are not, why not, indeed?

“You can’t be a Christian and…”

Things trampled under foot… I was walking through the dog park recently and happened to look down and see the heart shaped rock in the photo here.A young woman there with her dog saw me taking a picture and kind of smiled. Because it’s really like a big doggie toilet there. I couldn’t remember the…

The Song the Nightingales Wait to Join

Doesn’t it seem like there’s a lot of noise everywhere these days? Our screens are with us everywhere, constantly vying for our attention, shouting to us about this or that. So when recently I heard a very unexpected story about a song that captured a nation’s attention, it was such a breath of fresh air.…

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  1. Thanks for so much spiritual nurturing Cara. During these 2 months of CGN prayer I have come to more deeply embrace the truth of my salvation, more deeply believe the depth of God’s love, and more deeply desire the Holy spirit in my heart. You are truly a dear sister in Christ. Yes, dare to be awesome, because you are. Yes, it’s ok to be the the center of attention, when the attention centers on God.” – me
    ‘Love the new website. Diana


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