Sunset over Budapest from the Citadella

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All or Nothing : Building Bridges in an Age of Extremism

22 years ago when I lived in California a dear British friend used to call me her “all or nothing friend”. She’d say “I ask you what time it is and you give me the workings of a clock.” And she was right. Back then I was very interested in all the “back story” and […]

A New Way of Seeing…

Daily truth to feed your soul and help make you whole anewwayofseeing.blogspot.com What did you have for lunch 3 weeks ago on Tuesday? Most of us would have trouble remembering. But what did you have last Thanksgiving? Or on your birthday? A wedding reception? Those special days we remember…but all the other 362 days of […]

Hard Truth from a Good God

* This was originally written in November 2019,  months before most of us had even heard of the Covid 19 virus sweeping the globe, and also before a dear friend of mine would pass away unexpectedly. This updated version is in honor of him – Petya Zagurskiy, his wife and his family who live in the […]

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One comment

  1. Thanks for so much spiritual nurturing Cara. During these 2 months of CGN prayer I have come to more deeply embrace the truth of my salvation, more deeply believe the depth of God’s love, and more deeply desire the Holy spirit in my heart. You are truly a dear sister in Christ. Yes, dare to be awesome, because you are. Yes, it’s ok to be the the center of attention, when the attention centers on God.” – me
    ‘Love the new website. Diana


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