Cara Denney
Budapest, Hungary

The joy of my life is to see people meet Jesus and realize how much they are loved and valued by God! The journey and sometimes struggle of my life is to have that truth living and real in my own life first and foremost. After nearly 20 years serving and teaching the Bible in Calvary Chapels in the US, I moved to the foreign mission field. After another 20 years in Kyiv, Ukraine I have been graciously received by the good folks at “G11” – a body of believers called “Golgota” (“Calvary”) located in Budapest’s 11th District.

Walking together towards wholeness in the truth of Jesus…

Truth is the only thing that brings about wholeness. Effort, sincerity, emotion, and even love are incomplete without truth. Truth is more than knowledge. Jesus is truth. Embracing the truth of Jesus – who he is and what he’s done – brings freedom, joy and purpose, because the truth of Jesus reveals the truth of me. For nearly five decades I’ve been on that journey myself and have been humbled to be able to walk with others towards the wholeness found in God’s Word, through His Spirit, and – ideally – practiced within His Body. This is what we were created for – wholeness: to His glory and our blessing. I invite you to walk with me and be encouraged on your journey towards wholeness in Jesus through the honesty of the struggle and the power of truth found in Jesus and worked out in the resources here. add another page.